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Window Replacement on Brick Building O'Fallon L&D Wilson

Window Replacements

Updating your windows can add value, curb appeal, and energy efficiency to your home. If your home or office is plagued by drafts, uneven heating and cooling, and costly energy bills, then we recommend investing in new windows. Old windows could be the reason for all your problems and can be the solution, too! There are many benefits to upgrading and installing new windows; just call the team at L & D Wilson to get started!

Quality Window Repair

Thermal Windows

A ball went flying through your window, or it has begun to crack. Sounds like it is time for a repair before the weather decided to take control of your home or office. Regardless of your situation, there is not a window repair service we cannot fix. From sealing issues, to broken locks, the L & D Wilsons contracting team has it under control and in good hands.

Broken Window awaiting Replacement from Wilsons

What is thermal window? They are a type of window that is designed with energy efficiency in mind. They utilize multiple panes of high-performance glass. By using two or three of these panes with insulating gas between them, heat transfer from outside is significantly diminished. Meaning that your AC unit will not have to work as hard and your energy bills are likely to drop in cost. It is a win-win situation.

Thermal windows

Types of Windows

Location of Windows

There are many types and varieties of windows available for purchase. Depending on the window of choice and their individual features is what determines overall cost before and after installation. If you are ready to update your windows and are either overwhelmed by the choice or are unsure of what each type means, we ask that you give us a call so we can explain to you the difference and what will be the most beneficial for your property and budget.

The location of your windows in relationship to the sun can have a major impact on the temperature regulation of your home and the impact it can have on your energy bills. For example, if you have south-facing windows that bring in direct sunlight, is going to be more of an energy sucking spot. If you were to upgrade and install energy efficient windows, your energy bill costs will thank us later.

Home Features

Do you utilize a smart thermostat in your home or business? Is your comfort system regularly maintained? Do you have adequate insulation throughout your property? All these aspects will influence your overall energy efficiency and can affect how impactful new windows will be. Thermal windows can only do so much to overcome an outdated, poorly functioning HVAC system. For the best results, make sure your entire home is optimized for maximum efficiency.


It is difficult to pinpoint an exact amount you will see with replacement windows, typically, homeowners see at least 25% in savings all the way to 52%. Additionally, new windows deliver additional benefits to your home in the form of property value, curb appeal, and, quite simply, a more comfortable home interior! Contact one of L & D Wilson’s courteous representatives today to discuss the full line of what we offer our customers!

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